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We have created these programs to provide your child with fun and creative ways to explore and learn. We will work with your child to encourage imagination and creativity, build self-confidence and self-esteem, and to give them opportunities to cultivate their unique talents while having fun! Trained teachers lead each program, making your child’s experience a rewarding one. 

Toddler Programs run from 9:00 AM to Noon.

Program Descriptions

Little Chefs

Week 1: June 19th to 21st

You child will experience a fun-filled week of mixing, measuring, chopping, and pouring.  More than just cooking, the children will learn about basic nutrition, kitchen safety and healthy eating.  Each day we will prepare, create, and eat two or three recipes, make a cookbook page, and practice our cooking skills. At the end of the week, our Little Chefs will take home their very own aprons and chef hats.         

Olympic Games

Week 2: June 26th to June 28th

Under the energetic leadership of TEAMWORKS sports expert, you kids will move!  Each day, the children will learn and play a variety of sports and games.  Over the course of the week, the children will learn the basic skills for a variety of sports, such as soccer, hockey, t-ball, and golf.  The focus is fun, learning, and energy, as the kids learn new skills, teamwork, and a sense of good sportsmanship.

Amazing Animals

Week 3: July 3rd & July 5th

Week 9: Aug 14th to Aug 16th

Lions? Tigers? Bears? No Way!  Mammals, reptiles, amphibians and insects! Learning about animals is the theme for the week as the children explore and discover the animals around us.  In addition, Animal Adventures will bring some amazing creatures to the JCC for a fun and interactive program. Children will have opportunities to touch these gentle animals and learn about their unique lives.

Things that Go!

Week 4: July 10th to July 12th

Ready, Set, Go! Toddlers love things that move and this week is all about planes, trains, cars, buses and trucks.  The children will learn about transportation through stories, crafts, projects, and play.

We Can Build It!

Week 5: July 17th to July 19th 

Bring out the handyman and inner creativity in your child.  Each day this week, the children will build a classic wooden toy, then paint it and bring it home. Children will learn the basics of woodworking, including how to measure, hammer nails, and use sandpaper to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. 


Week 6: July 24th to July 26th

Our toddlers will enjoy days running around in their cozy PJ’s.   The children will also have a Teddy Bear Picnic and tons of fun bouncing in our very own Jump House.

Rhythm Time

Week 7: July 31st to Aug 2nd   

The children will sing, dance and move to their favorite tunes. They will create their own music-making instrument while grooving to the beat.

Paint, Glitter, Glue and More

Week 8: Aug 7th to Aug 9th

Color your summer! Let’s get messy with paint, glitter, glue and more. While your children are having fun, they are learning about different textures and materials. 

End of the Summer Fun!

Week 10: Aug 21st to Aug 23rd  

Toddlers have to do what toddlers have to do, and this week, toddlers have to play.  Inside and outside, this week is all about play.  Come celebrate the end of summer!


AGES:   2 to 2.8 Years
TIME:    9:00 am to Noon
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Mar 11, 2012, 6:27 PM