Spiritual Film Series:
Peaceful Warrior
“A Movie That Changes Lives” Many have been touched by this film; May you be the next!
An inspirational and triumphant film about the power of the human spirit. Peaceful Warrior is the incredible true story based on Dan Millman’s best-selling autobiographical novel.
A gifted young athlete, bound for Olympic gold, Dan has it all: trophies, talent, and all the women he wants. But after a life-changing event, Dan comes to rely on Socrates (Nick Nolte), a mysterious stranger, and Joy (Amy Smart), an elusive young woman, to teach him the secret to overcome incredible odds and tap into new worlds of strength and understanding.
Hailed by celebrities/critics, Peaceful Warrior is “an inspiring film that can change lives.”
- Sting
This film gives us the tools and insight to deal with the conflicts within ourselves.

Lisa Edinberg,
Inspirational Author,
will host an informal discussion
following the film.
Monday May 9th
7:00 PM
Donation:  $5 per person
(refreshments will be served)
RSVP Requested:
Contact: Lisa @ 508-898-3021
Allen Edinberg,
Apr 2, 2011, 6:19 PM