Spiritual Film Series:
Defending Your Life

Defending Your Life, a romantic comedy starring Meryl Streep and Albert Brooks, aids each of us in evaluating our lives.

Imagine viewing your life segmented by scenes. Which sequences of events would you choose to represent your life?

Albert Brooks wrote, directed, and stars in this philosophical comedy about a man having a hard time making a case for himself in the afterlife. 

What  if you were able to face your fears and learn from your mistakes, enabling you to move on to a life in a better world? 

Would your life experiences act as a great defense in court in defending your life?

Defending Your Life contains fruitful thought about how life operates long after we’re gone, and includes a romantic entertaining story line.

Rip Torn and Lee Grant also star, capping off great performances in a dynamite comedy.

Don’t miss this little gem of a movie followed by an interesting discussion!

Thought-provoking, engaging, and entertaining! 

Lisa Edinberg,
Inspirational Author,
will host an informal discussion
following the film.
  Monday Jan. 12th
7:00 PM
Donation:  $5 per person
(refreshments will be served)

RSVP Requested:
Contact: Lisa @ 508-989-4791
or ledinberg@lightalife.com
Allen Edinberg,
Jan 5, 2015, 6:11 PM