Creating Positive Change Series:
Confronting Job Loss
If you have lost your job, you know the challenges are a lot broader than simply finding a job. 

The pressures are many: dealing with them requires a robust, multi-pronged approach. 

This interactive group addresses the big issues and also the unspoken but powerful factors affecting your well-being: time management, dealing with emotional and financial pressures, preparing your family for the emotional ups and downs, creating a support structure, and “focusing in” while stretching out for your job search. 

Join us as we create the tools, processes and frameworks to help you navigate these rocky seas - where staying afloat will be replaced by smooth sailing ahead.
A Six Week Program
Wednesday 1:30 - 2:30 pm

Starts: Oct 3rd
Group is Limited to 12

JCC Members: $130*
Non-Members: $154*

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