Creating Positive Change Series:
Mid-Life Crisis to Mid-Life Opportunity
Making the Most of the "Sandwich Generation"
Discussed through the lens of adapting to a changing society, this group will look at the developmental changes that confront us during our mid-life years. 

We are sandwiched between:
Demands of family: children and aging parents; Work, social and leisure pursuits; and
Our own changing physical makeup.

The pressures of mid-life are
unlike those of any other stage. 

Join us as we look to make the most of this time when self-reflection is unavoidable and connecting with our values, goals and passions is key. 
A Six Week Program
Tuesdays 7:00 - 8:00 pm

Starts: Oct 30
Group is Limited to 16

JCC Members: $130*
Non-Members: $154*

Presented in Partnership with:

Our mission is to help clients live more satisfying, authentic, and integrated lives that embrace all that they can be, and serve not only themselves, but the broader communities in which we are all a part.