Creating Positive Change Series:
Living the Good Life
Exploring the New Science of
Happiness and Well Being
The new scientific study of well-being reveals that  we can all be happier.

 Learn what the latest research has to say about happiness. 

We will experiment with proven happiness-boosting practices and explore different aspects of well-being, such as gratitude, meaning, working with character strengths, improving relationships, and adopting healthy habits. 

You will learn about the unexpected benefits of happiness and the reasons why it’s often easier to see what’s going wrong in your life than it is to notice what’s going right. Several diagnostic tools will help you determine your current level of happiness, pinpoint the specific happiness-enhancing activities that best suit you, and hone your unique character strengths.
A Two Week Program
Mondays 7:00 - 9:00 pm

Oct 29 & Nov 5
Group is Limited to 16

JCC Members: $65*
Non-Members: $74*

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