Other Local Preschools

We sent our announcement directly to the following local preschools, notifying them of the Boroughs JCC closure.

Touchstone School - http://www.touchstoneschool.com/
MetroWest Jewish Day School - http://www.mwjds.org
Lilliput ECC - http://www.lilliputschool.com/
Temple Shir Tikva Early Learning Center - http://www.shirtikva.org/education/early-learning-center
Children's Horizon - https://www.facebook.com/Childrens-Horizons-Preschool-Bolton-and-Stow-Massachusetts-475631132499446/
Princeton Preschool - http://princetoncommunitypreschool.com/
Sunshine Preschool - http://sunshinema.com/
Ms Tanya's Schools - http://misstanya.com/
Shrewsbury Children's Center - http://www.shrewsburychildren.com/
Southborough Village Preschool - http://www.southboroughvillagepreschool.com/
God's Little Children Preschool - https://www.facebook.com/GodsLittleChildrenPreschoolKindergarten/
YMCA - http://www.ymcaofcm.org/centers-for-child-development/
JCC Greater Boston - http://www.bostonjcc.org
Positively Preschool - http://www.positivelypreschool.com
United Parish Early Learning Center - http://www.unitedparishelc.org/
Cherub's Haven - http://cherubshaven.com/
The Methodist Preschool - http://www.themethodistpreschool.org/
Up and Up Play Academy - http://www.upupandplay.com/

In addition the EEC website provides a search tool for local preschools. You can enter your zipcode and it will show certified preschools in the area. http://www.eec.state.ma.us/ChildCareSearch/EarlyEduMap.aspx

We hope this a helpful resource. We have not independently researched any of these schools and cannot comment on whether any of these schools may meet your needs.
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