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The Boroughs JCC Preschool occupies nearly 10,000 square feet of secure space, specifically designed to create a warm and welcoming environment for early childhood education.

Why does the Boroughs JCC Preschool Facility 
make a difference?
  • Large classrooms give us the ability to have multiple learning stations,offering a wide range of play and learning opportunities.

  • Age-appropriate playgrounds separate younger and older kids and improve safety.

  • Kids need to move.  Our "BIG ROOM" has plenty of safe space and a high ceiling.  When going outside is not an option, the BIG ROOM provides kids with the space they need to run and play.

  • The BIG ROOM lets us put on plays and schedule large group activities.

  • Our common areas are designed to build community.  With walk-in drop off and pick up, parents interact with teachers -- and each other  -- on a daily basis.  Parents see and hear about their child's development while meeting peers and establishing new friendships.

  • The lobby is a gathering place to meet up with friends and find out what is happening in the community.