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Snow at the JCC

posted Feb 8, 2011, 3:23 AM by Allen Edinberg
Given the number of roof collapses reported in the media, we understand you may have concerns about the flat roof at the JCC.  Our landlord sent his architect and building engineer to assess the situation last week.  While the load on the roof is safe, we were concerned about continued snow and pooling of water.  Crews have been on our roof several times clearing excess snow and ensuring that all drains are clear and water is not pooling.  We, and our landlord, are actively monitoring the situation and will continue to take any actions needed to ensure the safety and integrity of the building.
In addition, our snow removal crews are arranging to bring in heavy construction equipment to further clear/move snow from the parking lot and away from the building.
Remember that space is tight and sight lines are limited.  Please drive carefully.