Assistant Teacher Job Description

45 Oak Street

Westborough, MA 01581

(508) 366-6121

Position: Assistant Teacher Version: 2013.04

CORI Required: Yes             Effective: April 4, 2013

Reports To: Lead Teacher

Supervises: N/A

Position Summary

The Assistant Teacher is responsible for helping the Lead Teacher and Teacher develop, implement and maintain an educational, social, and developmental environment and curriculum in the classroom.  The focus is the children, their safety, well being, and development.


Classroom and Program

Assist in the development, implementation, and maintenance of an environment and curriculum that fosters learning and growth at each child’s own pace, enables children to interact comfortably with adults, and provides opportunities for children to participate in individual, small group, and larger group activities.  

Monitor children in program, play, and structured activities.

Assist in preparing and maintaining classroom records, curriculum, and materials as requested.

Provide direction and guidance to all classroom personnel to ensure adherence to school policy and appropriate standards of conduct and activities.

Participate in planning and staffing extended day, enrichment, vacation, and summer programs in accordance with JCC policies and schedules.

Parent Communications

Develop good relationships communications with parents.  Participate in parent communications as directed and assist the Lead Teacher and Teacher in working with families.

Team Membership

Work with classroom and program staff in a supportive manner; encourage positive, effective communication among staff.  Attend monthly team meetings to discuss the program, students, and any issues that require attention.

Health and Safety

Maintain a clean and safe environment within the classroom and program areas at all times, performing light housekeeping duties as needed.

Notify the Lead Teacher and Director of any contagious illness contracted by a child enrolled in the program.

Notify the Directory immediately of any behavior or action by any adult in the facility that is inappropriate physically or emotionally for a child.

Ensure awareness of all safety and emergency procedures and policies.


Attend and participate in team meetings as requested by the Lead Teacher

Attend and participate in staff meetings as requested by the Director.

Professional Development

Complete development activities and training as required by EEC and NAEYC.

Maintain Health and Safety CPR certification.

Additional Responsibilities

Perform other duties and tasks as requested, or as assigned, by the Director or Lead Teacher.


Minimum of 18 years of age.

A high school diploma or GED with some experience in early childhood education.

Willingness and ability to take an approved Child Growth and Development course.

Ability to handle physical aspects of the job, including lifting/carrying children.

Ability to relate to parents in a cooperative and positive manner.

Ability to work well as a member of a team.

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