We are pleased to announce the new Boroughs Jewish Community Center’s (BJCC) Enrichment Programs for the 2010/2011 school year.  Our goal is to provide high quality programs that allow your child to grow and develop.

We have created these programs to supplement your child’s learning in creative ways.  We work with your child to encourage imagination and creativity, build self-confidence and self-esteem, and to give them opportunities to cultivate their unique talents.  Trained teachers lead each program, making your child’s experience a rewarding one.
We offer a choice of classes each day.  Programs will run for the length of the school year.
Classes begin after lunch at 1:30 pm and end promptly at 2:15 pm.  We will also be offering an Extended Play program from 2:15 – 3:00 pm everyday.  Kids will enjoy a snack and have free play with their friends and teachers.
The programs are open to all children regardless of race, color, religion, marital status of the family, ethnic origin, cultural heritage, sexual orientation, disability, or political beliefs.

General Information

Class Size

Most classes will require a minimum of 8 – 10 students.  All classes are filled on a first come, first serve basis.


Payments are non-refundable and non-transferable unless the program is cancelled.  The BJCC reserves the right to cancel a class when there are not enough students to meet the minimum number prior to the start of class.

Registration Policies

Registration is accepted in person or by mail. Please complete the attached form and return it with payment to:

Boroughs JCC, 45 Oak St., Westborough, MA 01581 Attention: Business Manager (508) 366-6121 x21

Snow Days and Holidays

When the Westborough Public Schools are closed due to the inclement weather, there will be no preschool or Stay and Play classes. There will be no classes during the Public Schools Vacation days.  There will also be no classes when the BJCC is closed due to a regularly scheduled holiday.

Every Day

Early Drop-0ff   
(8:00AM to 9:00AM)

Before the caffeine hits.  Kids enjoy free play for some early morning activities before entering the preschool.


(12:00PM to 1:30PM)

Food and Fun.  Grouped by age, the kids have some “me time” to enjoy their lunches and play time with their friends.  Playgrounds are open and the Big Room is there when the weather is bad.

Extended Play   (2:15PM - 3:00PM)

Just Plain Fun.  Kids enjoy quiet time with music, puzzles, reading, and a  snack along with free play on the outdoor playgrounds and in the Big Room.  A great way follow up to an enrichment program and a fun end to the day.

Nap and Play   (M-TH 1:30PM - 4:00PM) and (FR 1:30PM - 3:30PM)

Even More Fun.  Kids enjoy quiet time with music, puzzles, reading, and a  snack along with free play on the outdoor playgrounds and in the Big Room.  A great way follow up to an enrichment program and a fun end to the day.


Sports Stars

Self Discipline, Self Control, Respect, and Teamwork.  More than exercise, sports encourages self-awareness, listening skills, and team collaboration.  Led by a sports training expert from Teamworks, the kids will play and learn the basics of many sports -- soccer, hockey, golf, t-ball, and more.  The kids benefit from a fun-filled, non-competitive learning environment that focuses on building skills, self-confidence, and self-esteem.  All equipment is scaled to size, making the experience save and enjoyable.

BJCC Beyond Books

Books, Cooking, and Art.  Reading, creative writing, cooking, and art projects bring to life the wonders of books and storytelling.  More than just reading and sharing books, the kids will explore stories and themes through food and art.  They will imagine and create their own versions of stories and new stories as well.  Designed to create a love a books and reading, this program helps children relate to books in many ways beyond the written page.


Build and Create / Let the Games Begin

(½ year Building and ½ year Games)

If your child likes to build and play, this is the class to join.  Children will create three-dimensional masterpieces using many different materials.  Designed to promote critical thinking, creativity, and problem solving skills, watch your child’s self-confidence grow with each achievement.  For the game sessions, your child will be exposed to classic children’s games, like Duck Duck Goose and Red-Light-Green-Light.  Your child will also learn new games, such as Messy Backyard and “What time is it Mr. Fox”.  Designed to promote a social growth, patience, following directions, and fun, the kids will also play board games, matching games, and puzzles.


Little Chef / Be Creative

(½ year Cooking and ½ year Arts)

Food is Art and Art is Art.  Cooking isn’t just fun and yummy, cooking classes develop fine motor skills, group collaboration, an understanding of numbers, and following directions.  Each week the children will create yummy dishes and snacks.  Following recipes, the kids will measure, mix, prepare, and taste the final product.  In addition, the class will discuss healthy food choices and the food pyramid.  The Arts sessions will be a create adventure for your child.  Each week will feature and explore a different medium, such as painting, clay, bead-work, drawing, and collage.  This class encourages self-exploration while presenting art in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Lets Boogie & Listen / Lights, Camera, Action!

(½ year Music and ½ year Stage)

Your child will find their inner star!  Music is personal and brings us together.  Taught through playful activities and without performance pressure, the music sessions give your child a fun, interactive, and entertaining way to learn about music, instruments, and dance.  Your kids will dance and move to musical games and play with instruments.  The music classes will enhance your child’s interest and love of music, song, and movement.  Designed to foster every child’s inner star, your kids will create simple plays each week.  Beyond fostering creativity, kids will develop good audience skills, and will learn to make sets and costumes.  The kids will even try their hands at a magic show and circus tricks.


Oo-ey Gooey / Busy Brushes

(½ year Oo-ey-Gooey and ½ year Brushes)

Sometimes fun is messy!  Just like the name implies, your child will have an extended period of Hands-On/Hand-In time with many forms of creative media.  Designed to foster creativity and fine motor skills, the Oo-ey-Gooey classes will provide your child with a fun tactile experience that is sure to make you and your child smile.  In the Brushes classes, your child will enjoy painting, drawing, creating collages, and working with several types of clay.  Watch your child’s self-confidence and self-esteem grow as they dream and create each masterpiece.


Math Fun/Science Fridays

(½ year Math and ½ year Science)

The world is your child’s to discover ... and measure.  Designed to foster your child’s curiousity, a love of learning, and a sense of adventure, these classes are all about exploration and discovery.  In the Math classes, your child will explore numbers, learn to measure, and solve math problems.  In Science Fridays, your child will explore the world around them through experiments and observation games like sink or float, liquids to solids, and erupting volcanoes.  Just wait ... your child will want to share their new found knowledge every week.

Celebrate Jewish Traditions

Traditions ... Traditions.  Enroll your child in this program and watch them grow.  Designed to create a sense of Jewish identity and an understanding of Jewish culture and traditions.  This program provides fun, age-appropriate activities that will connect your child to your family and traditions in new and exciting ways.